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Export Council

The BSIA’s Export Council serves as a forum for relationships between the UK's security industry and overseas buyers to be founded and cultivated, and acts as an invaluable port of call for overseas-based contacts interested in developing a relationship with a UK company as a partner, customer or distributor. Exporting remains pivotal for UK security companies, and BSIA networking initiatives such as the annual ‘Meet the Buyers’ event continue to establish and reinforce such links.

Why buy British?

Choosing your security products or services from a member of the BSIA is your assurance of professionalism and quality. The BSIA's rigorous membership criteria mean that when you choose a BSIA member you can have confidence that your company is in safe hands.

For more information on the benefits of buying from a British security company, including a useful guide translated into 10 languages, visit our Why Buy British web page.

Overseas visitors

If you are an overseas visitor to the site, click here for a list of BSIA Export members who can provide you with security solutions and advice.

Security UK profiles the products and services offered by members of the BSIA Export Council. The publication is an essential source of information on BSIA members' expertise.

Security UK has been translated into Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. To download your copy of the publication in your chosen language, click on the following links: English, Arabic, Chinese and Spanish.

BSIA members products, services and capabilities are also showcased at a number of worldwide trade fairs and exhibitions, and at special events at British Embassies. Click here for a list of overseas events.

The Export Council is an invaluable port of call if you interested in developing a relationship with a UK company, either as a customer or distributor.

Click here for a list of BSIA Export Council members

Click here for exporting case studies.

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View a list of the member companies operating in the Export Council sector

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