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What is SaferCash?


SaferCash is a security initiative which aims to reduce the number of attacks on cash-in-transit couriers through the effective sharing of intelligence between the cash in transit industry and Police forces nationwide. 

Operated by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), SaferCash was established in 2007 and is fully funded by members of the BSIA's   Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) section. 

SaferCash helps to reduce attacks by:

  • Providing a national framework for information and intelligence sharing between all stakeholders;  
  • Providing immediate support for CVIT crews who witness a suspicious incident;  
  • Providing a national link between individual police forces 

Establishing a partnership between Industry and Police has given SaferCash the ability to identify linked offences and spot where organised crime groups (OCGs) are active across Force boundaries. In the case of CVIT, OCGs are increasingly operating on a nationwide basis, impacting on local communities and funding other criminal enterprises. 

To find out more about SaferCash, how it's structured and how it works, download our PDF leaflet.