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Security Equipment Manufacturers

BSIA manufacturers are at the forefront of developing technology, producing a wide variety of products for applications in commercial, residential and industrial environments.  The function of these systems, which include intruder detection, CCTV and access control, is to deliver the benefits of effective security, which are to prevent, deter, detect and provide evidence.

A major focus of the Manufacturers Section is to ensure that appropriate standards are produced for the sector. A key challenge has been working to ensure that European standards for components such as detectors, sensors and control panels meet the requirements of UK customers and manufacturers.

The Section has also been lobbying to rationalise testing and certification procedures across Europe and to encourage cross-border agreements – this is to avoid the situation where a product has to undergo costly re-testing in a number of different countries before it can be distributed in those parts of the world.

The Section’s standards focus is also illustrated by its production of a Code of Ethics for its members. This ensures that all members offer a complete quality service to customers, including accurate product information, practical installation advice and comprehensive guarantees.

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