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11/05/2015 00:00
BSIA reacts to the announcement of a majority Conservative Government
BSIA reacts to the announcement of a majority Conservative GovernmentFollowing the outcome of the general election, the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has reacted to the recent announcement news of a majority Conservative Government.

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, comments: "Political engagement and public affairs have long been at the heart of the BSIA's activity, and we have worked hard over the last fifteen years to forge strong working relationships with the previous Labour and Coalition Governments.

"The continuation of this relationship is vital for the security of the nation, and as such this conservative government will need to be fully briefed of the importance of the private security industry in combating crime and terrorism.  

"The BSIA will be working hard over the coming weeks to build on new relationships forged within recent months and will be engaging with key figures in the new political landscape to reinforce the industry's message and to ensure that our ongoing relationship with Government remain unaffected.

"Key issues we'll be taking forward to the new Government include commitment to lighter-touch regulation, with a transition to business licensing, continue to minimise ticketing on cash-in-transit vehicles, recognising the value of police and private partnerships, increase export funding to ensure the UK remains a global leader and expanding the Surveillance Camera Commissioner’s Code of Practice to include privately-owned systems.”

With this in mind, the BSIA has launched its manifesto, detailing the Association's aims and objectives in engaging with the new government. 

To read the manifesto, follow the link here.