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24/06/2016 00:00
BSIA statement on the EU Referendum
The United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union after more than four decades of close partnership with the EU. No other country has ever left the EU before. This is unchartered territory for the UK and the EU, as well as other EU member states who may now face their own growing calls for a referendum on membership. The country must now pull together to implement the will of the people and work to build a new relationship with the EU.

Outwardly, it will be important for the UK to persuade the world that, whilst it might be leaving the EU alliance of nations, it is not leaving Europe, and moreover, that it will remain an enthusiastic partner in all security and trade issues. 

The next few days will see Whitehall, Brussels and governments around the world dealing with the immediate fallout of the referendum. The Prime Minister has given notice of his resignation, there are growing discussions in Scotland to hold a second independence referendum and the Bank of England has committed to doing whatever is necessary to  to shore up the pound following its  immediate volatility overnight.

The coming months will see the UK Government work with the European Union to ensure the best outcome for the UK in the withdrawal process to leave. This will include agreeing on key areas such as access to the single market, security and, crucially for this referendum, the free movement of people.

The BSIA will continue to work with all of the key organisations in this process, including the UK Government, UK and EU Parliaments, devolved UK Parliaments and other key EU organisations to ensure the interests of the security industry are best represented as the UK moves forward to a new chapter in its history.

The BSIA remains confident that the UK’s security industry will continue to lead the way in the development of innovative new technology and services, and will maintain its reputation as a global leader within the sector.