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10/10/2014 14:27
BSIA hosts 25th anniversary of CoESS General Assembly

coess-logoMore than a hundred security experts from across Europe have gathered in London to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the CoESS General Assembly, hosted by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA).

CoESS - the Confederation of European Security Services - is the Brussels-based European trade association for all national private security trade associations across the continent, of which the BSIA is a leading member. Collectively, CoESS represents 19 EU Member States, 24 countries, 60,000 private security companies, 2.2million employees and generates an annual turnover of £27billion.

Founded in 1989, CoESS is a European body which represents the interests of the European private security industry. It is recognised by the European Commission as a European sectorial social partner in accordance with the European treaties.

Over the last twenty five years, private security has evolved into a global, multi-faceted world in which providers of state of the art technology and equipment combine strengths with providers of skilled manned guarding to offer the best suited solutions and services to governments and corporate users.

Across Europe these providers and end users are represented by a plethora of national and international organisations, such as the BSIA and CoESS. Although each separate organisation is focused on achieving best practise and high standards in their respective jurisdictions, together these trade associations come together to share their common ideals of freedom, security and justice.

Each year CoESS brings together all of its active members to take part in the General Assembly. At the Assembly, financial statements are approved and the management is evaluated and validated.

To help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the General Assembly, the BSIA is hosting a large delegation of European industry representatives in London to discuss and debate pan-European issues, regulatory provisions and best practise for the sector. At the focal point of the anniversary celebration was an evening dinner cruise on the River Thames last night (Thursday 9th October), which was kindly sponsored by IFSEC International.

BSIA Chief Executive, James Kelly, said: “It is a pleasure to welcome CoESS and the wider European private security community to London to celebrate this important anniversary of the CoESS General Assembly. Together with CoESS, the BSIA has had a long and productive relationship, working together on pan-European issues, to achieve best practise across the industry. We look forward to the next twenty five years with CoESS.”

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