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BSIA Awards

Rewarding the achievements made by individuals and teams working in the private security industry is an important role for the BSIA, which operates a number of annual award schemes. 

bsia-security-personnel-awardsSecurity Personnel Awards

The BSIA's Security Personnel Awards serve to reward security operatives for their dedication, loyalty, teamwork, customer service skills, use of technology and bravery.

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Apprentice Installer Awards

The BSIA's Apprentice Installer Awards recognise the new blood of the industry as apprentice installers are rewarded for their talent and customer service. 

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Chairman's Awards

The BSIA's Chairman's Awards are selected by the Association Chairman in recognition of the individuals and organisations that have made a special contribution to the security industry, often over the course of many years.

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bsia-cvit-special-awardsSaferCash CVIT Special Awards

The SaferCash CVIT Special Awards aim to acknowledge the courage, initiative and composure exhibited by cash-in-transit couriers in the face of exceptional, challenging or dangerous situations. 

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