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Security excellence recognised on the national stage at the British Security Awards 

The security industry celebrated the achievements made by officers and teams on the national stage at the British Security Awards in London, on 11 July.


Held at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, the ceremony commenced with the Security Personnel Awards, which specifically celebrate the talent, dedication, skill and bravery exhibited by professionals during their course of duty. The categories in which the winners were awarded in are: Best Newcomer, Best Use of Technology, Outstanding Act, Service to the Customer, Best Team, Apprentice Installer, Innovative Project, International Partnership and bravery. 

The award for Best Team was dedicated to the Manchester Arena terror attack and the award for Service to the Customer to the Grenfell Tower disaster in 2017.


The exemplary winners of these categories are:


Best Newcomer: Samantha Golding, Securitas UK

Samantha joined Securitas UK in the West Yorkshire region as a relief officer and her talents were recognised straight away. Within six months she was part of the management team making massive improvements in all the areas she’s worked in, making a huge impact on both the management team and on the ground.

Sam has been awarded for her professionalism, going the extra mile for customers and officers. Sam’s experience working in the prison service has given her a unique set of skills, and she has used these to coach and develop the management team. Her manager describes Sam as an absolute treasure and a pleasure to work with - an asset to Securitas and a credit to the team, and given the security industry is a new sector for her, her contribution as a newcomer has been little short of inspirational.

Best Use of Technology: Robert Haddon, VSG

Robert has been working with the B&Q Crime Centre on a new intelligence gathering system, which allows for the self-reporting of crime. The introduction of this system allows for uniformed officers in the field to self-report crime incidents directly into the crime centre by means of an installed application held on a tablet.

In using his initiative and experience in developing new technology for the B&Q Crime Centre, Robert’s new intelligence gathering system has led to a 50% reduction in stock loss.


Outstanding Act: Nasir Ahmed, Mitie

Nasir was faced with an aggressive member of the public threatening to commit suicide by pouring petrol on himself and the surrounding areas. Acting with little regard for his own life, Nasir quickly evacuated the area and tackled him to the ground, removing the lighter to stop him from doing serious damage to himself and others.

Nasir’s quick thinking not only saved a life but also undoubtedly prevented a much more serious incident. His ability to remain calm and act quickly and professionally proved key in ensuring no lives were lost. 

Service to the Customer: Silas Bogyere, SecuriGroup
Silas has been recognised for his compassion, teamwork and desire to work smarter, introducing new policies and training up teams. He has also been recognised for his tireless charity work, where over the last few years he has led fundraising schemes, raising over £20,000 for various charities.

Silas has been described as a very proactive and passionate character, applying his time and skills in some incredible and admirable ways. During the Grenfell Tower disaster Silas quickly updated the client and SecuriGroup on what had happened and worked to provide assistance to the affected community, raising over £1,000 and collecting and dropping off essentials to victims on the same day.


Best Team: Pennine Acute Hospital, Mitie
The Pennine Acute Hospital Security Team has been awarded for their professionalism in dealing with the aftermath of the Manchester Arena attack, working tirelessly to escort the emergency services in and around the hospital, moving patients around and comforting their families.

Dealing with the aftermath of the terrible events that unfolded in Manchester the team at Pennine Acute Hospital went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the smooth running of the hospital on a night when the North West came to a standstill.

Apprentice Installer: Jamie Royal, Vigil Security
Jamie left school knowing that he wanted to do something practical, so he applied to Vigil Security and was promptly offered an apprenticeship and is now progressing well towards his ambition to be a lead engineer. He is an excellent ambassador for his company, regularly working abroad on his own with blue chip clients such as Ralph Lauren, Prada, Philipp Plein and Mont Blanc.

International Partnership Award: Elmdene International, Power over Ethernet Ultrapod
Elmdene International were approached by The Louvre, Abu Dhabi to provide an access control system to protect some of the most historic and priceless artefacts on display. Working with their overseas partners, Integrator, the Power over Ethernet Ultrapod covers over 300 door locations and was deployed due to its ability to fit in with the aesthetics of the building and the fact that it can be successfully controlled by SLA batteries.


Innovative Project 2018: CSL, CSL Router Project
The CSL Router can be used for many different applications and can also be used where broadband is limited or slow as a back-up option. The back-up 4G increases reliability, which as a result boosts confidence for customers reducing callouts for Installers.


Bravery Award: Mr Stanley Edwards and Mr Fifi Koomson, G4S
Last year whilst on duty in Walthamstow East London, the crew of a G4S van were brutally set upon by armed robbers whilst replenishing an ATM machine. In a sustained and violent attack one crew member was shot in his right leg three times, both crew members were dragged along the ground by the robbers during the attack.  The other crew member was threatened with both his and his colleague’s lives to open the ATM, the gun was fired again at this crew member but missed him. Despite the terrible onslaught of threats and physical violence they were able to contact the police and describe the getaway vehicle and secure the premises. Stanley is still recovering from his injuries. 


Bravery Award: Miss Amanda Bunn
After returning from her shift at her local hospital Amanda was alerted to an attempted theft of an ATM, and whilst the driver of the vehicle which was to be used to transport the stolen ATM was preoccupied helping his accomplices to move it into position, reached into the car and took out the keys out of the ignition before running back across the road. It soon became clear to the offenders that they now had no means of transport available abandoned the ATM.


Congratulations to all the winners and finalists at the British Security Awards 2018



The British Security Awards were sponsored by the following companies: Camberford Law plc (Security Personnel Awards and drinks reception); Securitas UK (International Partnership); NSI (Apprentice Installer); OSC Group (VIP Reception) and SaferCash (Bravery Award).

We look forward to seeing you next year!