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BSIA Membership Fees

bsia-membership-cost-feesBSIA membership offers excellent value for money, and costs can be spread throughout the year to make joining the Association even more affordable. A quarterly Direct Debit scheme is also available at no extra cost for members wishing to spread the cost of membership across the year. The cost of joining the Association is calculated as follows:

Application Fee

Payable on application

Principal section membership  £250 + VAT 
Associate membership £250 + VAT
Overseas Associate membership        £250 

Annual Subscription

Subscriptions are calculated by turnover, with the minimum subscription fee for each turnover band as follows:

Less than £500,000                           £   635 + VAT 
£500,001 to £1.25 million     £1,020 + VAT 

There are five further bands of subscription as the company turnover increases.

Associate subscription                    £1,100 + VAT 
Overseas associate subscription    £1,750 


For more information, or help calculating your potential membership fees, contact the BSIA's Finance Department on 01905 342020.