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Joining the BSIA as an overseas security company

An Overseas Associate membership of the BSIA is the perfect way for security companies based outside of the UK to maintain an understanding of the developments of the UK’s private security industry. 

The Overseas Associate membership was developed primarily to provide an opportunity for security companies based outside of the UK to gain an insight into the UK’s private security industry. The UK’s security industry is well regarded as one of the most established in the world and evidence shows that there is a strong demand for British security products and services.

Key to this demand, is the technological innovation that is synonymous with the UK’s private security industry and its role in shaping internationally adopted standards. UK security companies - and in particular, members of the BSIA - lead the way on many technical standards which are often adopted in Europe and further afield as international standards.

Overseas associate members enjoy access to a range of significant benefits that can help them to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

Overseas Associate member benefits

UK industry insights

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages for overseas members is the access to a wide range of industry insight and knowledge through the BSIA’s publications. The quarterly publication of the Association’s magazine ‘Spectrum’, is full of industry news, examples of best practice and thought leadership topics written by the experts within our membership.

The Association also publishes a wide variety of industry guidelines, from guidance on new standards to guidance on the installation of security systems, these publications offer valuable advice on operating with best practice.
Overseas members will be given access to the Association’s complete portfolio of publications through the members-only area of the BSIA’s website. 

A quality mark

The BSIA’s logo is well established and recognised, both within the UK’s security industry and further afield by overseas security buyers and specifiers. The BSIA’s logo represents quality, integrity and professionalism and therefore demonstrates that a company is of good repute. For overseas members, the BSIA’s logo associates their company with the British level of quality and standards of operation. 

The BSIA family

Membership also opens up new opportunities for overseas members to work in partnership with UK based security companies, who will recognise that, as an overseas BSIA member, the company is equally committed to best practice. 


Overseas members can also take advantage of some of the BSIA’s member benefits at trade shows such as IFSEC International which takes place in London every year. One of these benefits is access to the BSIA’s exclusive members’ lounge, which provides members with space to relax, catch up on emails or to entertain prospective customers. The BSIA also hosts members-only events on the Association’s show stand which provides overseas members with the opportunity to network with the BSIA’s UK members and industry experts. 

Throughout the year, the BSIA also organises and hosts a variety of exclusive events for its members. Overseas members have the opportunity to attend these events alongside their UK based peers. The Association’s Annual Lunch would provide overseas members with the perfect opportunity to network with other members and to entertain their UK based customers or potential clients. 

An overseas membership is an ideal starting point for security companies based outside of the UK who are looking to expand into the UK marketplace. For further information about the BSIA’s overseas membership, or for any other membership enquiries, please contact the BSIA’s Director of Membership & Export, John MacAskill