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335 Cyber secure it - Best practice guidelines for connected security systems

This document summarises current guidelines to minimise the exposure to digital sabotage of network connected equipment, software and systems used in electronic security systems.
09 January 2019/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (1063)/Comments (0)/

336 - Procuring GDPR compliant data destruction services

A guide to procuring GDPR compliant data destruction services.
04 June 2018/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (1366)/Comments (0)/

334 A guide to the changes of Amendment 1 of BS 8418:2015

A guide to the changes to Amendment 1 of BS 8418 which include setting and unsetting by the use of remote devices (e.g. an application running on a smart phone), plus additional reminders regarding cyber security and insurance and has been republished as ‘BS 8418:2015+A1:2017 Installation and Remote Monitoring of Detector-Activated CCTV Systems – Code of Practice’. The amendment has taken account of experience gained from the 2015 version, other security products, technology advances and consumer requirements.

This amendment will only impact those detector-activated CCTV systems where setting and unsetting can be carried out via a remote device.


03 May 2018/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (2275)/Comments (0)/

164 Secure your home

The top tips offered in this guide cover some vital ways that enhance your home security.

06 March 2018/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (2777)/Comments (0)/

332 Summary of changes between PD 6662:2010 and PD 6662:2017

PD 6662, the document describing how the European standards for Intrusion and Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS) should be applied in the UK, has been revised. This guide describes the changes between PD 6662:2010, incorporating amendments, and PD 6662:2017. The revision takes into account the publication of a number of new, revised or amended European standards. It also adds some new standards and documents published by the British Standards Institute that add or vary requirements for alarm confirmation, commissioning and maintenance and false alarm management.

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12 January 2018/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (2922)/Comments (0)/
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