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Royal Boon Edam: Putting Security Management at the Forefront of Your Business

Author: Liam Collins/08 February 2016/Categories: Case Studies, Access Control

In today’s world, the security of a company’s personnel and important data can not be taken lightly. 

As experts in the field of security, we are aware of how imperative it is that only those personnel who are authorised may gain entry to your building or specific areas within a building. With this in mind, we recommend that only one security solution will do – the Circlelock.

Our Circlelock high security portal is the most suitable ‘anti-tailgating’ product as it can prevent any attempt to gain unauthorised access and can be designed to confirm the identity of any user entering it. The Circlelock security portal is an ideal solution for highly sensitive, secondary or remote entrances that have lower foot fall requirements. 

Formed from two curved sliding doors, the Circlelock opens the outside door upon the authorisation of an access control system. Once the user has entered the portal, a pre-set weight system or a more complex StereoVision system which allows the portal to visualise the user in a three dimensional format can be integrated within the door and will determine whether the user is alone or whether an unauthorised individual is accompanying. In addition to this, a 3rd party biometrics identification system can also be incorporated to ensure the correct match of biometric data of the user in accordance with a set database of authorised users for that door. Only when the security systems give a clear signal will the second door of the portal open and the secured area be entered. 

At Boon Edam, we understand the importance of keeping a building’s users safe and its assets secure. We specialize in providing customizable access control solutions to many sectors including Colleges, Universities, Data Centres, Hospitals and Data Centres and are able to offer a wide range of access control barriers, turnstiles and gates. 


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