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Security Guarding Publications

Form 111
Why use a BSIA guarding company? (2008)

This document outlines the benefits of using a BSIA Security Guarding company.

Regulatory change in the security industry (2013) 

Proposed changes to the licensing and regulatory regime of the UK’s private security industry are set to impact all companies that use private security personnel, with the initial changes due to begin in 2013. To help customers of the industry who may be affected by this change, the BSIA has produced this guide, which answers frequently asked questions and provides essential background information on why this change is taking place. Importantly, the guide also details key dates in the transition process and advises on how businesses can begin to prepare themselves for this change.

Form 166
BSIA Tendering Scheme

A4 flyer detailing the service offered by BSIA to end-users wishing to source quality suppliers

Code of Practice for Security Searches (July 2015)

This Code of Practice is for the conducting of searches by persons employed to ensure the security of property and persons. It is a voluntary code that companies can choose to comply with as an indication of their quality of service and conduct.

Form 238
Understanding the Security Industry Authority licence renewals process (2008) Members only
Form 326
A minimum compliance checklist for procuring Security Guarding Services