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Access and Asset Protection

The British Security Industry Association’s Access and Asset Protection Section brings together companies involved in areas of security which share a close affinity; i.e. those providing physical products to stop unwanted people from accessing property or valuables with the electronic measures that can, optionally, control them. 

The section includes member companies involved in the manufacture, supply and installation of solutions that restrict, control and monitor the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site. This includes physical protection methods, such as security doors, fencing, locks, barriers, safes and strong rooms, rising screens, etc and the electronic access control systems that control them and allow authorised persons in and keep undesired people out. 

Access control products are subject to fast-moving technological development. The section aims to raise awareness amongst end-users and specifiers of the different types of equipment that is available, the most appropriate environments for using them as well as the various physical measures they can be used in conjunction with.

From a security perspective, many of the design considerations needed for physical protection and electronic systems are the same. Therefore, by bringing together member companies involved in both aspects the section equips members with an even more comprehensive understanding of industry issues and standards. It also provides a lively forum for members to share best practice and develop guidance with a more integrated approach. The Access and Asset Protection Section sits in a strong position when it comes to lobbying for consistent standards and regulations. One of the section's main objectives is to persuade end users to place proper value on products tested and certified as conforming to market-recognised standards, and to reject non-compliant products.

Case Studies

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Access & Asset Protection Guidance

The BSIA produces a wide range of guidance for buyers and installers of Access and Asset Protection solutions, as well as industry practitioners. Download the latest BSIA Access and Asset Protection publications.

Joining the Access & Asset Protection Section

Thinking of joining the BSIA's Access and Asset Protection Section? Find out more about the criteria you'll need to meet.

Ray Jones: Section Chair

Ray Jones, Managing Director of RGL Electronics Ltd, is Chair of the BSIA's Access and Asset Protection Section. He was elected as Section Chair in July 2017