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Doug Edwards: The importance of efficient management when securing vacant properties with guardians

A recent judgement has highlighted the importance of ensuring that the legal requirements for property guardian programmes are fully met, applying the highest standards of compliance for the benefit of both the guardians and the property owners. Doug Edwards, Managing Director of VPS Property Guardians, 
discusses the value of property guardians in today’s housing market. The current rates hike controversy has bought increasing attention to property guardians’ schemes as being an alternative, albeit temporary, solution to finding affordable accommodation. Home seekers also have to contend with the rise of the cost of rent or ownership. There are some 50,000 homeless households in England alone, and the soaring costs of rent, and the high 5 to 6 figure deposits required to buy a property, has impacted hugely on people seeking accommodation.  

13 March 2017/Author: Erin/Number of views (3652)/Comments (0)/
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David Allison: The importance of security awareness in today's world

David Allison, CEO of BSIA member Octaga Security Services Ltd, discusses the importance of security awareness in today’s world. 

It still amazes me that with the global terrorist risks that society faces and the increasing lengths that saboteurs and individuals with malicious intent go to, to disrupt, damage or bring disrepute to companies and organisations, that security awareness is not always given proper consideration. 

17 February 2017/Author: Erin/Number of views (4649)/Comments (0)/
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Craig Swallow: Lone Worker security must be considered now more than ever

Craig Swallow, Chairman of the BSIA's Lone Worker Section, discusses the importance of considering lone worker safety in a world where staff are more mobile than ever. 

The lone worker section at the BSIA is a relatively young section, reflecting the fact that the topic of ‘lone worker security’ is still fairly nascent when compared to the longer embedded aspects of the security industry such as manned guarding, access control or CCTV. My company, SoloProtect Limited, is one of a handful of companies that recognised the growing need of businesses to consider lone worker risk some 12+ years, ago but the market has accelerated over the last five years…why would that be?

13 October 2016/Author: Erin/Number of views (4363)/Comments (0)/
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KABA launch Mobile Key Access for Village Hotels

New innovation for Access Control Security

Paul Adams, Head of Technology and Product Management – Kaba ltd and British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Section Chairman for Access Control is proud to announce that they have been successful in partnering with Hetras to implement a fully-integrated Mobile Key Access solution for leisure hotel giants, Village Hotels who have over 28 locations in the UK.

Kaba ltd was founded in 1862 in Switzerland, looking back on 150 years of history the company has now become a leading global brand in the private security industry, employing over 7500 staff in more than 60 countries worldwide and offering their thousands of customers innovative and reliable security solutions. 

26 January 2016/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (4991)/Comments (0)/
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The increasingly important role of lone worker protection solutions in a world where reducing business risk is a major focus for employers.

Craig Swallow is Managing Director of SoloProtect Limited, a company he founded in 2003 (originally named Connexion2 Limited) to focus specifically on helping clients address the risks associated with having lone working staff. Craig came up with the idea for a discreet personal alarm that incorporates GSM and GPS technology but designed to look like a regular ID card in 2001.

2013, the company was acquired and new investors (Kings III, Dallas, Texas) have supported the development of SoloProtect in the UK, mainland Europe and in the USA. The company now employs over 100 staff dedicated to the passionate delivery of value added solutions to all manner of clients.

14 January 2016/Author: Liam Collins/Number of views (4605)/Comments (0)/
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