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Cash and Valuables in Transit

Cash and Valuables in Transit (CVIT) companies are involved in transporting, storing and sorting cash and other valuables, typically for retail and financial organisations but also for Local Authorities and other members of the public sector where the availability of cash is essential for day to day business. They play a vital role in replenishing and protecting cash supplies for the business world and the wider community, keeping the economy running.

CVIT operatives are now licensed under the Private Security Industry Act, adding to their high standards of training and security. A range of CVIT services are available to suit the different needs of small, medium and large companies. 

Due to the nature of the CVIT service, unfortunately crime is a real challenge and the industry has suffered significant losses following attacks against cash centres and couriers in the mid 2000's. As a result the industry invests a huge amount in security measures to combat robbery and new technologies are constantly being explored, tested and employed. These include protective equipment and enhanced training for couriers. CCTV and body cameras, DNA dye and glue to protect cash and target hardening measures in cash centres, on vehicles and at ATMs. This investment has assisted in reducing successful attacks and rendering much of the money stolen unusable where attacks do occur. 

Taking into account the high risk nature of CVIT services, it is essential that CVIT couriers are able to park their vans as close as possible to the required locations. Sometimes, this can mean parking in potentially unlawful areas, such as on a single or double yellow line. Click here to find out more about 'Parking Safely'. 

The security measures are just a part of the Industry response to combat CVIT crime, a major focus of the BSIA's work to support the Industry involves liaison with the Police to ensure effective intelligence gathering, collation of up-to-date statistics and valuable joint initiatives.

Police liaison and intelligence sharing is facilitated through the BSIA's SaferCash service, funded by members of the CVIT Section to reduce the number of attacks on cash-in-transit couriers through the effective sharing of intelligence between the cash in transit industry and Police forces nationwide. 

Over the years SaferCash has proved to be a highly successful police/private partnership that has contributed significantly to the overall reduction in CViT crime. 

SaferCash employs Police Analysts working within Police Regional Intelligence hubs using both Industry and Police intelligence to effectively target criminal gangs working both locally, regionally and nationally. They are able to link into the Police tasking process quickly enabling resources to target offenders at the appropriate level thus reducing risk and loss to the Industry. Such analysis also highlights any industry vulnerabilities which can be redressed quickly.

SaferCash  Industry Liaison Officers (ILO) are located within Police or Industry premises and provides immediate support for staff on the group and immediate access to Police when required. 

SaferCash is also heavily linked to the National Crime Agency under their acquisitive crime area of business and supports the National Assistant Chief Constable with lead responsibility for commercial robbery. 

Since 2010 SaferCash and Industry initiatives have led to a 66% reduction in attacks and a 70% reduction in losses. The average detection rate for CVIT crime over the same period is 35%. 

In 2013 & 14 150 criminals were sentenced to a total of 1275 years imprisonment after committing CVIT crime. 

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HR Forum

The BSIA's successful Cash and Valuables in Transit Section HR Forum plays a key function in addressing employment and careers issues in the industry. The group meets regularly to discuss changes in employment law, share best practice and debate topical issues.

To find out more about CVIT HR Forum, email the BSIA's David Wilkinson.

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Joining the CVIT Section

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Gareth Skinner: Interim Section Chair

Gareth Skinner is the BSIA's interim section Chairman for its CVIT members and UK Head of Operational Risk for G4S.