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Joining the BSIA's Cash and Valuables in Transit Section

Companies wishing to join the BSIA's Cash and Valuables in Transit Section must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to the section: 

Cash and Valuables in Transit Section Criteria

  • Must satisfy the Operating Board that they are in possession of a valid certificate issued by an accredited certification body to BS EN ISO9001 incorporating the  current versions of both BS7872 and BS7858 throughout their period of membership.

  • Note: This can be either from a certification body with BS7872 and BS7858 within its UKAS accredited scope or an NSI certificate of inspection to BS7872 and BS7858 together with BS EN ISO9001 certification from an accredited certification body and maintained.

  • Members and applicants for membership of the Cash and Valuables in Transit Section should be compliant with the British Security Industry Association Cash in Transit Effective Practice Guidelines as detailed in Annex F.3.1.

  • Members of the Cash and Valuables in Transit Section employing individuals in Cash in Transit duties shall maintain a compensation scheme for its full time employees offering as a recommended minimum; £45,000 or as an absolute minimum of 1 times their annual salary in the event of death or permanent physical disability resulting from a criminal attack whilst engaged in the execution of their duties (such compensation can come from either pension scheme or a separate insurance scheme or a combination of both).

Standards applicable

Alarms Standards 
EN50131 / PD6662 - European Standards for Intruder Alarm Systems 
(until 1st October 2005 the UK used BS4737) 
DD243 - Standard for Management of False Alarm Activations 

CCTV Standards 
NCP 104 - Code of Practice for the Design, Installation and Maintenance of CCTV Systems. 
BS 8418 - British Standard for Installation and Remote Monitoring of detector activated CCTV systems 
BS EN 50132  - European Standards on CCTV Surveillance Systems 

Alarm Receiving Centre Standards
BS5979 2007 Remote Centres receiving signals from Fire and Security Systems 
BS7858 2009 Security Screening of individuals employed in a Security Environment 
ISO9001 2008 Quality Management Systems 
ISO14001 2004 Environmental Management Systems 
OHSAS18001 2007 Health and Safety Management Systems

Applicable Guidelines

Cash in Transit Effective Practice Guidelines

Security of ATM Effective Practice Guidelines 

Guidelines for Effective Practice for ATM Replenishments at Shared ATM Sites

CCTV Monitoring Protocol for CViT

CHF Access Questionnaire for Third Party Non-CViT Vehicles

CHF Access Questionnaire for Third Party CViT Vehicles

Vehicle Access Security Procedures for Third Party CViT Vehicles

Vehicle Access Security Procedures for Third Party Non-CViT Vehicles

Sealed Cage Agreement

Subscriptions and Levies

The Annual Subscription and Additional Levies (fees) payable by the Members of the CVIT Section shall be allocated across the membership of the Section in direct proportion to the number of cash carrying vehicles in use in the sector. 

Members of the CVIT Section will be required to contribute to the SaferCash levy, which is divided pro-rata between all member companies on the basis of their CVIT vehicles in operation in England, Wales and Scotland.

In addition Section members will be required to report criminal activity and suspicious incidents against their company to SaferCash.

Where contributions to police CVIT operations are provided by the Section, each member operating in that area will contribute to the cost. The cost will be based on the number of CVIT vehicles operated in that area by each member.

Nothing in the above Section Rules guarantees a member the right of access to other members' premises.

For more information about joining the BSIA, or for advice on achieving the above criteria, call Sharon Mughal on 07803 891742.