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Visitor monitoring system – HMP Wellingborough

Author: SuperUser Account/14 October 2014/Categories: Access Control

A BSIA member worked with HMP Wellingborough, a Category C Prison located in Northamptonshire, to provide a modern, computerised visitor monitoring system to stop visitors of inmates from using a false identification to gain access to the prison. The key requirements were that it had to be a secure system, easy to use and incorporated a photo ID system that was not open to abuse.

After reviewing the systems available, Head of Operations, Steve Goodliffe, ordered a prison pass system from the BSIA company and no problems were encountered during the installation of either the software or the hardware. Two members of the prison service were trained in how to use prison pass at the supplier’s training centre. 

HMP Wellingborough have called the suppliers Helpdesk and found them to be excellent and very helpful. 

Although Wellingborough feel they do not use the prison pass system to it’s full potential, they are looking forward to adding the new finger print reading equipment to the system in the near future, particularly as it will provide irrefutable proof of the identity of a prison visitor.

Asked what they like best about the prison pass system the staff said it was being able to record a photo against a visitor plus fingerprint reading – so long as the system is run properly.

When asked if HMP Wellingborough would recommend the use of a prison pass system to other prisons, Steve commented: “Yes, but only if the prison had the facilities to run it properly. It is a good system but the staff need to run it properly.”

Summing up their dealings with the BSIA comapny in a few words Steve concluded: “A good company and a good system, as long as it’s used properly.”

- Steve Goodliffe, Head of Operations, Northants.

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