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Guardian24: Advance

Advance is a nationwide housing and support service that helps those with learning difficulties and mental health issues to live the life they choose. Supporting thousands of people at home, at work and in the community, Advance provides a vital lifeline to those starting out in a position of disadvantage. 

With care staff and volunteers regularly visiting people's homes alone within the community, Advance felt it was necessary to provide them with some form of emergency backup, should a hostile situation arise. 

22 August 2017/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (3374)/Comments (0)/

Guardian24: RCT Homes

RCT Homes, a Community Mutual Housing Organisation provides housing services to more than 20,000 people. The organisation is a registered social landlord to over 11,000 properties in a diverse and highly disadvantaged area of South Wales. From allocating housing and collecting rent to major home refurbishments, RCT Homes' employees are regularly involved within the community. 

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Sovereign Housing Association credit the Identicom with keeping them safe.

Lone worker specialist SoloProtect has provided their Identicom device and service to more than 550 employees at Sovereign Housing Association, providing a key part of their duty of care to staff. 

20 March 2017/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (3683)/Comments (0)/

Catrefi Conwy achieves a safer lone working culture after implementing SoloProtect

Catrefi Conwy is a Registered Social Landlord in North Wales with nearly 3,880 properties in the county of Conwy, and is focused on 'creating communities to be proud of'. The Housing Association has chosen SoloProtect to help protect its lone workers for the last two and a half years. 

20 March 2017/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (3452)/Comments (0)/

Richmond Housing Partnership seeks security for lone workers

Richmond Housing Partnership is a London based housing association which owns or manages around 10,000 properties. As a large proportion of there employees work alone, having a some sort of protection for these employees  is vital.

21 September 2015/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (4701)/Comments (0)/