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338 - Alarm Receiving Centre Standards and Lone Worker Alarms - a guide

The aim of this document is to provide clarity to providers and specifiers of Lone Worker Services (LWS) and end user organisations with respect to the current status of the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) standards and the implications for handling LWS alarms and escalation through to the Police.

26 February 2019/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (2807)/Comments (0)/

Why aren’t we more prepared?

The security industry has been quiet on the impact of Brexit so far - it's time we took notice

I find it strange just how quiet the security industry is on the subject of Brexit.  Whether you voted to leave or remain, whether you believe in the PM’s plan or think she is wasting valuable time, Brexit is undoubtably the topic of the moment and will remain so for some time to come.  Yet collectively the security industry remains relatively mute on its potential impact – which could be significant.


09 January 2019/Author: Andrew Cooper/Number of views (7533)/Comments (0)/

323 The changes between BS 8484:2011 and BS 8484:2016 - a guide

This guide has been undertaken in a clause-by-clause basis where there are changes or additional clauses added to BS 8484:2016. This will provide an easy reference to those reading this guideline alongside the standard.
08 December 2016/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (7158)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Lone Workers

A guide to lone worker services for the retail sector

This guide, aimed at employers and stakeholders in the retail sector, highlights the importance of lone worker safety and explains how lone worker devices are helping to keep employees safe. 

21 June 2016/Author: Anonym/Number of views (7544)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Lone Workers

285 A guide to lone worker services in the hospitality sector

A guide to lone worker services in the hospitality sector offers useful information about lone workers in the hospitality sector, how lone worker protection solutions work and what employers should look for when choosing a system.
01 October 2015/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (9083)/Comments (0)/
Categories: Lone Workers