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Joining the BSIA's Security Equipment Distributors Section

Companies wishing to join the BSIA's Security Equipment Distributors Section must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to the section:

Security Equipment Distributors Section Criteria

The distributors turnover shall be 51% or more in security equipment. 
Distributors shall not install any of the equipment they distribute. 
A distributor must distribute the products of at least 5 separate manufacturers within the security industry. 
Distributors must have a total turnover involved in security equipment distribution of at least £1 million per annum. 
Distributors must have at least 70% of turnover involved in distribution direct to professional installers

Standards Applicable / BS EN ISO 9001 Accreditation

Members shall achieve and maintain BS EN 9001 registration with an accredited certification body within twelve months of joining the association.

For more information about joining the BSIA, or for advice on achieving the above criteria, call Sharon Mughal on 07803 891742.