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James Brown: The Best Ways To Protect Your Property & Assets

Imagine a thief has broken into your home or business premises. They will target your most valuable items first – PCs, laptops, tablets and smart phones, anything they can sell on quickly. However, if each valuable item they come across is marked with a synthetic DNA solution – a unique formula of DNA, UV tracer and microdots - and is displaying a warning sticker, then the chances of the thief stealing it drops dramatically. James Brown, Managing Director of Selectamark Security Systems Plc and Chairman of the BSIA’s Asset and Property Marking Section discusses the benefits of DNA forensic marking in helping to reduce crime.
20 April 2017/Author: Erin/Number of views (4171)/Comments (0)/
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Tight integration with IP-based access control from Gallagher Security breaks new ground

The Bede Aacademy in Blyth, Northumberland replace two secondary schools and one primary school. They wanted to build a safe and secure environment for this new and very large academy school, and wanted a system that would deliver a high level of security, while minimising the manpower to monitor and keep it running. As such, it needed to maximise operator efficiency, provide complete accountability in case of incidents and deliver clear return on investment over time.

31 March 2017/Author: Erin/Number of views (5856)/Comments (0)/

McColl's implement SoloProtect solution

McColl's has a long and rich history in retail; they're a leading community retailer serving the Convenience and Newsagent sectors with a strong national presence.

30 March 2017/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (4893)/Comments (0)/

Edina choose SoloProtect for lone worker protection and smarter organisational reporting

Edina Ltd has chosen a SoloProtect lone worker solution to help protect mobile workers, and to assist with job completion reporting. SoloProtect supplies the fully-managed, BS8484:2016 approved solution, featuring Identicom, the most widely-used dedicated lone worker device, which is now used by engineers at Edina. 

30 March 2017/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (4598)/Comments (0)/

John Davies: Looking Beyond the EU for Security Exports

With the UK’s Brexit negotiations beginning to gather pace, the whole question of exports has become a lot more complicated over the last 12 months. With big changes approaching over the way the UK not only interacts with its European neighbours, but also the wider world, John Davies, Chairman of the BSIA's Export Council and Managing Director of TDSi, looks at the potential opportunities that could be presented following the triggering of Article 50.

29 March 2017/Author: Erin/Number of views (3805)/Comments (0)/
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