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326 - A minimum compliance checklist for procuring security guarding services

The BSIA have written this guide to aid you in selecting a security guarding company to help you choose the quality of service you require.
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Don Robins: The importance of sustainability to the information destruction sector

Responding to the Spring 2017 Budget

Don Robins, Managing Director and co-founder of Printwaste Recycling & Shredding and Chairman of the BSIA’s Information Destruction Section, discusses the importance of sustainability to the information destruction sector following the 2017 Spring Budget.

The Spring Budget, announced on  8th March 2017, touched on sustainability in a few areas, which was encouraging given that this Government has consistently promised to become the first ‘to leave the environment in a better state than it found it’.

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Doug Edwards: The importance of efficient management when securing vacant properties with guardians

A recent judgement has highlighted the importance of ensuring that the legal requirements for property guardian programmes are fully met, applying the highest standards of compliance for the benefit of both the guardians and the property owners. Doug Edwards, Managing Director of VPS Property Guardians, 
discusses the value of property guardians in today’s housing market. The current rates hike controversy has bought increasing attention to property guardians’ schemes as being an alternative, albeit temporary, solution to finding affordable accommodation. Home seekers also have to contend with the rise of the cost of rent or ownership. There are some 50,000 homeless households in England alone, and the soaring costs of rent, and the high 5 to 6 figure deposits required to buy a property, has impacted hugely on people seeking accommodation.  

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Tensor checks attendance at South Craven School

South Craven is a large, mixed 11-19 comprehensive school, situated in Cross Hills, North Yorkshire between Skipton and Keighley. It is the largest school in the Craven District and has over 1,700 pupils, as well as 200 members of staff. The school was opened on June 7, 1957 and cost just £120,000 to build at the time. It became a comprehensive in 1967 and the leaving age was raised to 16 in 1972. At the same time it established its own sixth form so students could stay on to take their A levels. As of 2011, South Craven School is a trust school, achieving foundation status in 2006.

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Back to school for Tensor at Holywell Middle School

Holywell Middle School is located near Cranfield in Bedfordshire where they educate pupils aged from 9 to 13 years old. In early 2009 the schools Business Manager, Colleen Dinner was reviewing Fire Health and Safety procedures after having been requested to do so by the acting head at that time. In particular, the school needed to be able to account for staff as accurately as they did the pupils. Colleen reviewed the various systems available in the marketplace and on the internet and decided upon a system from Tensor because “Tensor was they only company to do a Fire Roll Call system, according to my search engine, and the price was right.”

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