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Transforming the UK telephone network into an ALL IP platform

As part of a global transformation of telephony services, the UK is undergoing a transformation from an analogue to ‘ALL IP’ platform across the UK. The BSIA is working closely with Ofcom and communication providers and other stakeholders to ensure our industry sector has the opportunity to voice its concerns and expectations as well as raise awareness of the changes and impact this will bring.

BT has announced its plans to transition to an ALL IP digital platform over the coming years and expects to complete the change by 2025. In particular BT has been seeking a way to identify its consumers who have a ‘special service’ (such as an alarm or telecare service) operating within their premises, as this may be impacted by the change to ALL IP.


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332 Summary of changes between PD 6662:2010 and PD 6662:2017

PD 6662, the document describing how the European standards for Intrusion and Hold-up Alarm Systems (I&HAS) should be applied in the UK, has been revised. This guide describes the changes between PD 6662:2010, incorporating amendments, and PD 6662:2017. The revision takes into account the publication of a number of new, revised or amended European standards. It also adds some new standards and documents published by the British Standards Institute that add or vary requirements for alarm confirmation, commissioning and maintenance and false alarm management.
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Preventing false Hold-Up Alarms

Hold-Up Alarms (HUAs) are a most effective tool in delivering rapid police response and providing a deterrent at premises where they are installed. 

However, the high incidence of 'False HUAs' is a risk to the very people they are designed to assist.

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331 - A guide to intruder alarms in the education sector

This guide details the purpose of an intruder alarm, gives advice on assessing the risks and lists the essential technical standards that the systems and installers must meet to ensure you are choosing a good quality product and service. There are also best practice examples from successful installations in the education sector.

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