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UniTrust Protection Services (UK) Ltd uses bespoke technology to support investigation

Author: Matthew Grimley/27 July 2016/Categories: Case Studies, Specialist Services

UniTrust were contacted by a female very senior overseas Royal family member who had suffered a number of thefts of large amounts of cash over several years. What was most challenging was that the thefts had occurred within her private bedroom within the family residence. A number of staff had been dismissed as a result of the thefts but they were still occurring and only trusted and close employees had access to the bedroom.

We agreed with our client that we would approach the investigation using traditional investigative methods and interviews but would use technology to gain strong evidence. A covert HD camera and microphone and an ultrasensitive GPS concealed within the lining of her personal handbag to gather intelligence and evidence and in addition a free standing laptop on her dressing table with 3 hidden HD cameras and microphones, again self-powered. It was essential that privacy was ensured in an extremely sensitive location and that the bag and laptop could be placed within the private bedroom.

Essential and vital evidence was obtained through our specially ‘one-off’ tools and when downloaded on a ‘real’ laptop allowed us to interview suspects and positively identify the 2 most senior people in the Royal household who were thought to be beyond reproach. Following interviews the client was very happy that the culprits had been identified and admitted the series of thefts from her.

Had this client contacted a BSIA Specialist Services Section member earlier, tens of thousands of pounds would not have been stolen and innocent people would not have lost their livelihood.


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