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335 Cyber secure it - Best practice guidelines for connected security systems

This document summarises current guidelines to minimise the exposure to digital sabotage of network connected equipment, software and systems used in electronic security systems.
09 January 2019/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (7688)/Comments (0)/

232 Code of Ethics - Companies Supplying Security Consultancy Services

This Code of Ethics covers issues relating to all security consultancy services supplied by companies. Such issues include, but may not be restricted to:
a) Professional standards and values.
b) Related best practice issues.
c) Professional standards for personnel.
d) Guarantees and warranties.
e) Public and internal complaints.
f) Information and monitoring.

07 March 2016/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (7818)/Comments (0)/

231 Code of Practice for Security Searches

This Code of Practice is for the conducting of searches by persons employed to ensure the security of property and persons. It is a voluntary Code that companies can choose to comply with as an indication of their quality of service and conduct.
21 July 2015/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (16807)/Comments (0)/

218 Graded requirements under BS EN 62676 Standards for CCTV

A technical guide for installers, specifiers and manufacturers

These guidelines are for use in conjunction with the BS EN 62676 series of standards for "Video Surveillance Systems for Use in Security Applications".  In particular they give guidance on the requirements in BS EN 62676-1-1 - System Requirements General.
03 February 2015/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (14605)/Comments (0)/