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334 A guide to the changes of Amendment 1 of BS 8418:2015

A guide to the changes to Amendment 1 of BS 8418 which include setting and unsetting by the use of remote devices (e.g. an application running on a smart phone), plus additional reminders regarding cyber security and insurance and has been republished as ‘BS 8418:2015+A1:2017 Installation and Remote Monitoring of Detector-Activated CCTV Systems – Code of Practice’. The amendment has taken account of experience gained from the 2015 version, other security products, technology advances and consumer requirements.

This amendment will only impact those detector-activated CCTV systems where setting and unsetting can be carried out via a remote device.


03 May 2018/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (1850)/Comments (0)/

All CCTV publications

A list of all CCTV publications with latest review date.
02 May 2018/Author: Matthew Grimley/Number of views (6379)/Comments (0)/

303 A guide to the changes between BS 8418:2010 and BS 8418:2015

A guide to the changes between BS 8418:2010 and BS 8418:2015
23 March 2016/Author: Kirstie Anwyl-Hughes/Number of views (5372)/Comments (0)/

195 The picture is not clear: How many CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK?

The typical report about CCTV tends to use language derived from dystopian visions of the future, such as “1984”, that play on preconceptions about the use by state or police controlled societies of spies in the community. It is on this basis that many studies and media reports about CCTV surveillance concentrate on the control of the proliferation of cameras, the cost of their maintenance and operation and whether they are successful or a waste of resource. CCTV cameras are frequently portrayed as an object of fear.

The major purpose of this document is to outline a set of methods that can be used in combination to produce an estimate of the number of cameras per property sector or to assist with correlation of other estimates.

21 August 2015/Author: Anonym/Number of views (12061)/Comments (0)/

188 Security of Heritage Properties - a guide

This guide provides security advice relating to the protection of listed and heritage buildings, taking into account a range of security solutions that can be deployed where certain restrictions apply.

21 August 2015/Author: Amanda Caton/Number of views (10337)/Comments (0)/