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G4S Specialist Training delivers success in challenging environments

Author: Amanda Caton/09 April 2015/Categories: Case Studies, Training Providers

Recent events have proven that even when governments and companies do everything in their power to protect people and assets, terrorism and serious organised crime remains a growing threat. To assist companies to manage their risk and counter threat, G4S Specialist Training has developed an innovative approach to provide a holistic security risk management service. Responding to our clients’ needs for critical changes to their security risk management processes, our key differentiator is our ability to provide added value through our collaborative approach.

How does this work? Firstly, our training concept provides a single point of delivery that has all the inputs necessary to counter the full spectrum of security risks that companies face in a challenging environment. Our essential knowledge resource is drawn from our team of personnel with distinguished careers in UK Special Forces, intelligence, police services and corporate security. Working with UK accrediting bodies to deliver security-related qualifications, we have successfully demonstrated a proven ability to offer career-pathway CPD programmes to strengthen our clients’ global security posture. The depth and breadth of our experienced professionals translates into practical how-to guidance on managing the risk of critical security vulnerabilities and threats.

Secondly, our International Training Academy also utilizes a network of global training centres that provide in-country resources and a thorough understanding of the operating environment within complex national cultural and political contexts. The third key component of our approach is the added value of providing risk intelligence and risk consultancy. This includes proof of concept through technical design, physical architecture installation and commission of leading integrated security solutions to protect a company’s assets.

At its simplest, Security Risk Management involves protecting assets by identifying risk and by applying resources to mitigate those risks. A robust training strategy is core to the protection of a company’s assets, never more so than in the domain of Security Risk Management. Recent events have demonstrated the requirement for a security capability to include a pro-active approach and competency to make rapid decisions and take immediate actions in the face of high-risk situations. We believe this is the cornerstone of the Security Risk Management process.  For more information on G4S training solutions, please visit the G4S website at:


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