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Gideon Reichental – Chairman of the Vacant Property Protection Section

Gideon Reichental was elected Chairman of the Vacant Property Protection section in April 2015. 

Gideon started his career in vacant property protection over ten years ago. In that time he has seen many changes in the way that the industry has responded to the challenge of vacant property and a broader acceptance of the need to care for and secure vacant and vulnerable sites to a higher standard.

Over the last 5 years, Gideon has worked closely with the BSIA and more recently with the BSi to improve the quality of services offered and develop standards for the vacant property protection industry. In his role as Chairman of this section he hopes to raise awareness of the services offered and the benefits of using experienced providers and quality assured products and services.

Clearway provides a range of insurance and police approved vacant property protection solutions that are tailored to their clients’ requirements. Gideon’s work primarily involves advising owners and managers of vacant property on the implementation of these solutions. Clearway work extensively with leading insolvency practitioners, property developers, asset managers and property managers working in commercial and industrial, residential, licensed and leisure, retail and public sectors.

As a Section Chairman, Gideon is also a non-executive Director of the Association, representing the Vacant Property Protection Section at Board level and also providing oversight to the Executive Board.