Information Destruction criteria

Companies wishing to join the BSIA's Information Destruction Section must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to the section: 

Information Destruction Company:

A company that is involved in the secure destruction of confidential information and/or materials.

ID Section ISO 9001 Accreditation:

 In accordance with clause 2.3 of the Model Section Rules of the Association, membership of the Information Destruction Section is conditional on the Operating Board being satisfied that the member has the relevant ISO 9001 accreditation.



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Standards Applicable

The current standards are:     

Members should operate to EN 15713 – “Secure Destruction of confidential material – Code of practice” 

Members should ensure that individuals who come into contact with confidential information are screened to BS 7858 – “Security screening of individuals employed in a security environment” 

Code of Ethics for Information Destruction Companies 

The members of the information Destruction Section shall adhere to the Standards of Ethics stated in the Articles and the Model Section Rules and the “Code of Ethics for Information Destruction Section” (BSIA Form 212)

Miscellaneous: Members of the Information Destruction Section must attend at least one Section meeting within a twelve month period from the section AGM.