Types of Membership

Principal Membership

The BSIA logo isn’t just a hallmark of distinction that ensures your company stands out from its peers, the Association also offers real benefits which ensure you have the tools to stay ahead in the competitive security industry.

By joining the BSIA you will benefit from a number of services and added-value benefits which can make a real difference to your business and prove you are head and shoulders above your competitors. 

Beoming a full member of the BSIA will give you full access to all the benefits we offer, which include: representation and lobbying, standards development, advice and guidance, a rise in profile and events.


Associate Membership

UK associate membership is open to companies who supply products or services to, or as part of, the security industry, but which do not provide security solutions themselves.

Overseas associate membership is open to security companies registered and trading outside of the United Kingdom who would like to be updated on developments within the British security industry.

The types of company in BSIA associate membership include: software providers, certification bodies, training providers, insurance brokers, personnel vetting service providers, quality assurance consultants, recruitment agencies, facilities managers, and trade associations.

Overseas Membership

An Overseas Associate membership of the BSIA is the perfect way for security companies based outside of the UK to maintain an understanding of the developments of the UK’s private security industry. 

The Overseas Associate membership was developed primarily to provide an opportunity for security companies based outside of the UK to gain an insight into the UK’s private security industry. The UK’s security industry is well regarded as one of the most established in the world and evidence shows that there is a strong demand for British security products and services.

Key to this demand, is the technological innovation that is synonymous with the UK’s private security industry and its role in shaping internationally adopted standards. UK security companies - and in particular, members of the BSIA - lead the way on many technical standards which are often adopted in Europe and further afield as international standards.

Probationer Membership

The BSIA also offers a probationer membership across all sections of membership.

By joining as a probationer member, you will still receive some of the key benefits of BSIA membership - such as participation at section meetings - but on the condition that your company will achieve your ISO 9001 certificate within 12 months.

During that time, we will provide you with guidance and advice to help you achieve your ISO 9001 certification.

Once your ISO 9001 is achieved, you will then become a permanent member of the BSIA.

Being a member of the BSIA comes with numerous benefits that can make a real difference to your business and ensure that you stand out amongst your competitors.