Alarm Receiving Centres criteria

Companies wishing to join the BSIA's Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) Section must meet the following criteria in order to be admitted to the section:

Membership of the ARC Section is open to companies engaged in the monitoring of security systems and/or associated ARC services.  


Membership of the ARC Section is conditional on the Operating Board being satisfied that the member has the relevant UKAS certification as follows. 

  • ARCs shall comply with ISO 9001 UKAS certification
  • Companies providing ARC related services shall either comply with ISO 9001 (UKAS) and/or ISO 27001 UKAS certification

All ARCs shall comply with Cyber Essentials certification

Standards applicable

All Members should ensure that all employees whose employment may involve them in the acquisition of, or access to knowledge of a confidential nature, improper use of which could involve the member, any client of the member or a third party in a security risk with respect to security systems are to be security screened. The object of the screening system is to examine such information as is available on an employee's background for 5 years prior to application for employment or back to school leaving age, whichever is shorter, as a part of a general policy of ensuring that employees are of good character. Vetting will be carried out in accordance with the following standard: BS 7858Screening of individuals working in a secure environment – Code of practice.

ARCs shall comply with: BS 5979: Remote centres receiving signals from fire and security systems. Code of practice. Cat II. or BS EN 50518: Monitoring and Alarm Receiving Centre Cat 1.

All ARCs shall comply with BS 9518: Processing of alarm signals by an alarm receiving centre. Code of practice.    

ARC Section Employee Training

ARC companies shall give adequate and regular training to all staff concerned with the monitoring of security systems.

Code of Ethics for BSIA Members

All BSIA members shall adhere to the Standards of Ethics stated in the Articles and the Model Section Rules and the Code of ethics for BSIA Members - Supplementary Annex for all sections (Form 355).


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