Magenta funds education for 25th child in 25th year

Monday 24 August 2020 - Magenta Security

Press Release

To coincide with their 25th year of business, Magenta Security has announced the support of its 25th vulnerable child. 

Award-winning company, Magenta has always been active in charitable and humanitarian projects. Managing Director, Abbey Petkar strongly believes in the power and importance of education and believes his business should reinforce that belief. 

Magenta sponsor 25 children around the world, from war-torn and deprived locations, from the age of four to 16.  Throughout the whole of those young and formative 12 years of their life, Magenta provides full funding for the child’s education, health and welfare needs.  Effectively this mean Magenta has supported 300 years of childhood education and welfare. 

Charitable and humanitarian projects have been a focus for Magenta for 25 years and will continue to be so throughout the future of the business.  They include:

•       Assisting a charity that provides community clubs in Great Britain to combat knife crime and getting children and teenagers off the streets.

•       Supporting schools in India and Africa by giving funding for teachers and materials for lessons.

•       Helping the community by sponsoring local sports teams and working with the Metropolitan Police to support health and safety, knife crime and bullying initiatives. 

•       Supporting WaterWorld projects in Africa.

•       Providing funding for a school for blind children in India.

•       Continuing to finance the education and welfare of the 25 children from war-torn locations.

Abbey concludes: “Running a business is not just about being successful but about giving something back to society and helping to make the world a better place to live. Often when people think about charities, they think of third world countries but it’s more than that. We need to support our local communities.  We as a country are struggling significantly with homelessness, knife crime, health services and so much more. If you are financially able, it is so important that you give back to the less fortunate and choose to spend your money wisely to secure the futures of the next generation. For the 25 years I’ve been running my business my biggest passion has been supporting the education of the younger generation and doing what I can to improve the world they will be growing up in.”