CoESS and Euralarm publish joint brochure on cybersecurity

Monday 16 December 2019 - BSIA COMMS


CoESS and Euralarm publish joint brochure on cybersecurity


CoESS and Euralarm have published a joint brochure on cybersecurity. The first copy of the brochure ‘Cybersecurity - Threat or Opportunity? It’s up to you!’ was launched during the General Assembly of CoESS held on 11 October in Rome.


Cybersecurity breaks up the borders between product development, design, installation, operational continuity and alarm response. The guidelines highlight that when addressing cybersecurity, it is important to understand that all steps are inter-related in a security supply chain. 


With CoESS and Euralarm as publishers of the brochure it covers the complete supply chain for the fire and security market – from manufacturers of products to private security companies and their customers. The brochure highlights in an understandable language the risks and responsibilities for each stakeholder in the chain and what companies need to do to mitigate these risks – both from a human and technological perspective. Many are not yet aware of the importance of these, sometimes simple, measures for the security and reputation of their business. 


David Wilkinson, Director of Technical Services, BSIA, said: “The BSIA is delighted to have played its part in developing this guidance through its partnership within Euralarm and welcome release of its publication. 


“This guidance has a truly European reach through both Euralarm and CoESS and will be of benefit to businesses in our sector. 


The publication can be downloaded from the Euralarm website.