Environmental Reports – every month!

Wednesday 25 August 2021 - Restore Datashred



Regular Restore Datashred customers know that they have 24/7 access to all their account information through our customer portal, and that includes the latest certified environmental data in their monthly carbon footprint checker.


Whichever media channel you choose, the environment and how we are going to save ourselves from our impact on it, is big news. With the UN’s COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow this autumn, news of oil giant BP buying up renewable energy providers in the United States, and ‘building back better’ post-pandemic, how we protect the world about us will continue to make headlines and be (close to the) top of the agenda for many business corporations.


On an organisational level, stakeholders, employees and customers all want to know that we are all making the best choices possible for running a sustainable business. 


At Restore Datashred we make it easy to be that sustainable business by helping reduce our customers’ carbon footprint and by creating a monthly Environmental Report to prove it! Here’s how we do it in three key areas that all add up to good news for any customer’s CSR credibility.


1. We always aim to send 0% to landfill

This means we send all shredded paper recycling to local mills in this country to be made into recycled paper products; we send shredded textiles to be converted into energy, and we process as much of our customers’ confidential digital assets as possible so that they are reduced and re-used – not buried in the ground. 


It takes 17 trees to make a tonne of paper


Recycling paper = large savings in water and energy use, preventing trees from being cut down and stopping the release of CO2 


In 2020, despite everything, we sent 50,000 tonnes of paper shreds for recycling – that means 850,000 trees not needing to be cut down through this positive action.


The good news for customers: as the current holders of the Paper Recycling Business of the Year award from Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management, recycling to save energy, tree wastage and pollution levels is the least one would expect from Restore Datashred. 


2. We’re working hard to be a zero-carbon business ourselves

Behind the scenes at Restore Datashred we have been putting carbon-cutting plans into action for a number of years. We run a large, modern fleet of vehicles and trucks, including a mini-fleet of the super-shredder MDX-3 trucks and, excitingly, a Volta electric truck – one of currently just a half dozen in the UK. We use traffic management software to plan the most environmentally efficient routes for our operatives and ensure that all drivers are regularly trained and monitored for safe, efficient driving and collection techniques. Both FORS and Masternaut have awarded us for our efforts, as have British Standards in recognising our work to achieve the ISO 14001 in Environmental Management. 


The good news for customers: whatever measures we successfully implement, they all underpin our services so that customers know they are making the sustainable choice when it comes to disposing of their confidential data properly. 


3. And here’s the proof: the monthly Environmental Report

We calculate how many litres of water customers have helped save, how much energy has not been used, how many trees have not been felled and how much CO2 they have prevented being released into the Earth’s atmosphere after every shred transaction, and we set it out in a personalised Environmental Report. 



It’s really good news for customers: it’s a great feeling for customers to see their environmental savings ticking upwards every month, as is knowing that they are doing business with a company that takes their CSR commitments seriously. We believe it’s a strong message for everyone to take back to their stakeholders and colleagues. 


Who knew that data shredding could help us all be more sustainable?!