Board hoard

Tuesday 28 September 2021 - Restore Datashred


We’d like to pose a rather personal question: have you become a bit of a hoarder?


You are not alone. According to current research by packaging specialist, D S Smith, around 10% of Britons were sitting on a stash of up to 20 cardboard boxes at home or at work. This has been fuelled by the online boom and increase in deliveries over the past 18 months, as well as a reduction in council-run collection services in many areas. 


Pre-pandemic, the vast majority of these boxes would have swiftly made their way into the recycling system and been re-produced as new boxes in just a couple of weeks. This is important because we all need those recycled cardboard boxes, not just for the millions of online deliveries every day, but for essentials such as food and medical supplies distribution. 


Unfortunately, the supply chain in this country has been hit by a triple whammy over the past 18 months. Firstly, borders between European countries – a major source of fibre – are more difficult to negotiate because of Covid-19 and Brexit. Secondly, pre-pandemic, retail was also a major source of cardboard fibre and was efficient at sorting for collection by recyclers. And, thirdly, do you remember the Evermore – the container ship that got stuck in the Suez Canal? In the resulting back-up of container ships behind it were many, many cardboard boxes which have yet to make their way into the European and British market. 


So, how can we help?


At Restore Datashred we always aim to send 0% to landfill, instead helping the recycled paper and cardboard industry by supplying at least 80,000 tonnes of shredded paper bales a year. In fact, we are the current Paper Recycling Business of the Year, as awarded by Excellence in Recycling and Waste Management 2020, and we are as keen as ever to help get more paper and cardboard fibre back into the recycling system.


Here’s what we can all do to keep businesses and services moving:


· We can supply our easy-to-use Home Shred boxes and paper sacks to your teams working from home who can fill them with obsolete paper and digital data on a regular basis. 


· We can continue to collect cabinets, recycling bins and even roll-on/roll-off containers from your workplace, when you’re open, either for on-the-spot shredding in our state-of-the-art mobile shredding trucks or for shredding at the Restore Datashred facility nearest to you. 


· We will arrange a secure collection time, whichever options you choose, observing all the social distancing and hygiene requirements.


· We will promptly shred all your confidential paper and send you an emailed certificate of destruction for your records. 


Whatever your shredding needs, whatever the scale, we do urge you to shred so that all the good stuff in paper can be recycled, re-used and help keep industry and public services moving.


For more information about tailored collections and how to break that cardboard box hoarding habit, why not speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team on 0330 0538 541.