Bidvest Noonan shares an Award-Winning Security Journey

Tuesday 26 July 2022 -

In this conversation, we caught up with Marc Duberley who is our Security Supervisor for our customer, Bosch Worcester. Marc talks about why he began his career in security, the challenges he has faced and what he has planned for the future.

At what moment did you realize you wanted to become a security professional?

From the age of 17, I wanted to work in the security industry. I had a good friend who worked in corporate security. He used to travel across the world providing security for high-level executives and events for large businesses. Travelling at a young age, seeing different countries, and meeting new people has always appealed to me.

Tell us about your journey

I knew that if I wanted to get a career in security, I was going to need some experience. So, at 18 I took myself to do a three-day course to gain my SIA license.

Once I had the license, I had the exciting job of working on the doors at some of Birmingham’s biggest nightclubs. Providing security for a nightclub with over 3000 people was eventful, to say the least.

After I gained the experience, I started work in corporate security where I secured events for businesses around the country.

Next, I moved on to close protection work. This is were I was able to start travelling with work. I looked after high-end executives for multiple blue-chip companies as they travelled the globe for business. During that time, I travelled to 16 different countries one of which being in the Caribbean which is always a bonus.

I have always had a good instinct for customer service, so this role fitted me well. I got on great with many of the people and their families I was protecting even to the point where I would be invited to go on holiday with them on occasion.

As I got older, I wanted to settle down and stay in the UK. This is when I joined Bidvest Noonan in 2015 and began working with our customer, Bosch. I worked my way up from being a bench officer, to team leader and now becoming the supervisor.

What do you enjoy most about your career in security?

One thing I really enjoy about working in security is the diversity of the job. There’s not one day that’s the same and there’s always something for us to do. Bosch has a variety of different requirements from their security provision, and we always want to give them the best service possible.

I also love the customer experience aspect of security. You can make someone’s day by going the extra mile or even just helping them with a small task. It might seem like a small task to us but it really helps them and the operation with their work.

We also help to create that positive atmosphere in the workplace. We are the first people employees and visitors see when they enter the site so it’s important that we set a happy tone and environment.

When people think of security they think about aggression and combativeness but it’s not all about that. There is a lot of customer experience and looking after people when they visit us. People see the tattoos down my arms and are a bit worried when they first meet me but once they get to know me they realise I’m a nice friendly guy. I always try to be kind to everyone I meet.

We get recognised and rewarded for the work we do by both Bidvest Noonan and Bosch. My team and I have won multiple awards and recognition for the work we do. We’ve had amazing feedback.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

The biggest challenge I have faced was losing my son, Lukas, to cancer in 2019. That was the hardest thing I have ever been through.

I came back into work in January 2020 and still found it extremely difficult to deal with but the support I got from the Bidvest Noonan team and everyone at Bosch was amazing. Everyone from our directors, managers, and team members to Bosch’s CEO, senior execs, and shop floor workers. Their door was always open to me if I ever wanted to chat or have a coffee.

I would get regular text messages from the team to keep checking in on me. Or I would receive cards from people across the company. They seem like small things but it was good to know that you’re not alone and that you had a whole building full of people there to support you.

The support from everyone was astounding. It’s great to know that I have this great team of people there to help me no matter what I’m going through. It really demonstrates what a family atmosphere and the relationship we have at the workplace.

What are you looking forward to in the future.

I’d love to keep progressing in my career in security and become operations manager. I have been completing qualifications in my own time to make sure I’m ready for the next step when the opportunity arrives.

I know a lot of the management team at Bidvest Noonan have had a similar career path as me. Many of the operations team and directors started on the frontline as security officers and worked their way up. My manager here at Bidvest Noonan has been incredibly supportive, talking me through his journey and the steps I need to take to gain the right qualifications.

Can you tell me more about the award that you won?

In 2021 I won the Bidvest Noonan Security Manager of the year. I was so happy just to be nominated but to win was brilliant especially after everything I had been through.

It was nice to know that the work we do at Bosch has been recognised. We consistently outperform our SLAs and KPI scores delivering a first-class security provision.

We also organise an annual charity football match in memory of Lukas with all the money raised going to the Grace Kelly foundation. The Grace Kelly foundation is close to my heart as they supported me so much during our time in need. I just want to give back.

What brings a smile to your face on an average day at work?

I really enjoy seeing the people here and making a difference to their day. Everyone here really appreciates the job we do. The feedback we get is great.

We have a fantastic relationship with all the departments so when we’re patrolling, we can drop by and see if anyone needs our support. When we’re walking by you can see their faces light up. Everyone is always happy to see us. It makes our job easier as all the employees know that no matter what they need we are always here to help.