Selecta DNA's liquid-with-code helping to reduce home burglaries

Wednesday 17 August 2022 -

SelectaMark's Selecta DNA's latest product is being used by police in the westcountry in a bid to stem a rise in burglaries and have been asking the public to use an invisible marking liquid, after a rise in burglaries are on the increase following the pandemic.

Items are marked with an invisible liquid which then shows up under UV light and Selecta DNA believe the kits can reduce burglaries by up to 83%. Police officers can use ultra violet torches then using a microscope that can read a code in the liquid unique to each bottle. Other forces across the UK have also endorsed the product.

"Now that people are still working from home but going into the office and become normal in their lives, burglar rates are starting to go up. During times of any economic downturns which we are currently in, acquisitive crime increases," according to police.

The idea is to "push burglaries away" by having window stickers as thieves know items in the house are marked.

Wiltshire Police is giving out 2,500 bottles of the liquid to people who have already been burgled and will be offered to people who have been recently burgled who could be prime targets to be broken into again. Other residents are also encouraged to buy a bottle costing £25.

Local residents in Salisbury, who attended a demonstration of the kit, said they were a good idea. Paul Summers, chair of Neighbourhood Wiltshire Association said: "It looks an excellent product that would certainly recommend people consider."