Introducing the Bright Business Toolkit

Thursday 29 September 2022 -

"Bright Business Advice is all about sharing real experiences, coupled with detailed techniques and knowledge which, when effectively applied, can quite simply transform your business." - Emerson Patton, Founder of Bright Business Advice


The Bright Business Advice team is here to show you how to tackle the pain points in your business like cashflow and recruitment. We’ll help you find highly effective solutions that will allow you to achieve your dreams and spend more time with your family.


We’ve been working closely with SMEs and larger organisations across the Fire & Security, Mechanical & Electrical, and Construction sectors to help them grow, become more profitable, and run more smoothly.


Through our innovative Seven Sector Orbit business growth model, you’ll:


      Develop your leadership skills and strengthen your leadership teams

      Plan and add structure to your business

      Make sure the financial management of your business is accurate and helpful in decision making

      Organise your systems and processes to be more effective and efficient

      Deal with team issues like engagement, recruitment, motivation and disciplinary processes

      Build a bigger client base with a carefully thought-through marketing plan using both online and offline tools and techniques.

      Improve your sales processes and skills to increase your conversion rate and make sure you win more opportunities.


We’ve now created the Bright Business Toolkit - designed to help you unlock more time and money from your business. To claim your FREE toolkit, visit