Optex is introducing the combination sensor OAM-Explorer

Tuesday 14 May 2019 - Optex Comms

Optex is introducing the combination sensor ‘OAM-Explorer,’ a future-proof activation and safety sensor for industrial door applications, based on radar and active infrared. The sensor improves the safety of areas around industrial doors where both vehicles and employees are present, and contributes to eco-efficiency.

The OAM-Explorer provides a smooth and easy passage for forklifts, trucks, and personnel. Even at an installation height of 6 meters (nearly 20 feet), the OAM-Explorer is reliable enough to prevent the door from opening unintentionally, contributing to comfort and temperature management. By connecting the sensor to external warning signals, such as audible signals or warning lights, an active warning is generated when an object is detected on either side of the door, thus preventing collisions.

The OAM-Explorer can be configured from the ground. Once the sensor has been mounted on the roof or ceiling, it can be configured using an app. The ‘favorite’ settings option is a handy and time-saving feature, especially on sites with multiple industrial doors.

The OAM-Explorer has been designed with great attention to detail so as to minimize installation time, which in turn saves costs. The result is a sensor that requires just half the installation time compared to more conventional industrial door sensors.

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