Selectamark Security Systems plc is proud to announce the launch of SelectaPTT and COMMAND

Friday 30 September 2022 -

Selectamark Security Systems plc is proud to announce the launch of SelectaPTT and COMMAND, its new enterprise and government command and control solutions with integrated secure communications. SelectaPTT is a new push-to-talk solution offering enhanced communications, and command and control functions to enterprise customers. Perfectly suited for organisations which require a secure and immediate way to communicate with its workforce through both voice and messaging, and visibility of its employees in the field.

SelectaPTT has been designed to meet any communications challenge, maximising operational efficiency by bringing workers and HQ into seamless communication. It is compatible with Samsung smartphones, tablets, and wearables.

Features include multi-map cloning and geo-fencing, on-premise or cloud options, and group and one-to-one call functionality.

SelectaPTT is an extremely secure command and control ecosystem, made to empower decision makers, administrators, and users in the field. The system has been developed by Eyeonix SA, a software company with over 20 years’ experience in mission-critical and classified systems.

Designed exclusively for Samsung devices, SelectaPTT uses Samsung SDS EMM, and is secured by Samsung Knox, a military-grade mobile security platform that safeguards more than 1 billion Samsung consumer and business devices.

SelectaPTT does not require special infrastructure and is a highly effective solution for commercial enterprises with communications challenges.

COMMAND is the high-security version designed for Government Agencies. It has the highest possible level of security, including on-premise server installation to store data locally, beyond the reach of malicious actors.

COMMAND is invaluable for the critical communications of high-level security or management bodies including government agencies; the military; police intelligence units; police drug enforcement, police counter terrorism and organised crime units; as well as coastguards and highways organisations.

Commercial customers of SelectaPTT have benefited from:

  •  Instant and easy communication between employees (including lone workers) and HQ
  •  One-to-one, one-to many, and group voice and text channels
  •  Live-updating statistics and reporting
  •  Setting up of geofenced zones
  •  Advanced weather alert systems utilising weather radars
  •  Easy to use for all types of operatives in the field
  •  Coordination and tracking of all devices in real-time
  •  Emergency voice channels and alerting

COMMAND is the high-security version designed for Government Agencies. It has the highest level of security available, including onpremise server installation to store data locally and out of the reach of malicious actors.

COMMAND is trusted by:

  •  Military
  •  Intelligence Units
  •  Police Drug Enforcement Teams
  •  Police Counter- Terrorism Units
  •  Police organised Crime Units
  •  Coast Guard
  •  Highways Agencies

James Brown, Managing Director of Selectamark said: "SelectaPTT is a solution which we believe will change the face of secure communications and command & control in the UK. It is easy-to use, extensively flexible, and ultra-secure, making it an invaluable solution for both private and public sector organisations. Years of feedback from Police, government and military clients have resulted in an extremely secure and user friendly eco-system which meets the needs of all types of organisations. We are extremely privileged and excited to bring SelectaPTT and COMMAND to the UK market."

About Selectamark

Selectamark Security Systems plc has been at the forefront of providing Police and Insurance-preferred security solutions since 1985. Specialising in security marking and online asset databases, Selectamark has helped homeowners, businesses, law enforcement agencies, government departments, healthcare, and educational establishments protect and register millions of items of property.

Eyeonix SA, a software house with over 20 years of excellence in the field of secure communication, have now granted Selectamark Security Systems plc the exclusive rights to distribute SelectaPTT and COMMAND in the UK.

Please send any inquiries about the system to SelectaPTT.