Pyronix announces new smart home products and adds new features to its HomeControl2.0 app

Tuesday 10 January 2023 -

Pyronix announces new smart home products and adds new features to its HomeControl2.0 app, as the company continues to innovate within the intruder alarm and smart home markets. 

The highly advanced and simple-to-use smart device app, HomeControl2.0, makes managing and controlling security systems faster and more efficient. 

“We’ve been working hard to develop a number of new products and features for HomeControl2.0 that offer our installers innovative solutions for boosting growth and delivering true customer value,” Laurence Kenny, Marketing Director, said. 

SmartPlug Compatibility 

Along with geofence alerts, biometric login and intuitive navigation, HomeControl2.0 now includes SmartPlug compatibility.

The update will enable the configuration of scenes and automations using the SmartPlug, which also offers on/off device control and power consumption monitoring.  

The HomeControl Personal Help Alarm

HomeControl2.0 now also offers increased functionality with its all-new Personal Help Alarm; enabling users to request help when they need it most. 

Should anyone ever find themselves in a distressing or potentially threatening situation, the app’s new personal security feature allows them to raise an alarm by sending a notification to family and/or friends that help is needed, whether inside or outside of the home. 

This is achieved by users creating and adding people to their very own security ‘bubble’, so that a safety alert can be sent to and received by them at the push of a button as necessary. 

Laurence said: “By simply pressing the ‘SOS button’, users can send an instant push notification to the other bubble members’ devices, alerting to distress and sharing their geolocation. The receiver(s) can then take action, opening Google or Apple maps to quickly find and come to the aid of the user as required.

“It’s great to be able to add more value to the app and give installers more to include in their Enforcer sales conversations with customers. We remain committed to developing HomeControl2.0 as security system control and management tool, and now as a personal security offering too.”

Please note, while the Personal Help Alarm feature is designed to add an additional layer of personal security, the app is not intended as a replacement for other personal security measures or as a substitute for calling the emergency services.

DoorbellCam and DoorbellChime

The DoorbellCam is our outdoor, wire-free doorbell camera, offering main-entrance protection and two-way communication, while the DoorbellChime is a battery-operated sounder, designed to deliver full audio coverage throughout a property when the doorbell is pressed. 

The battery-powered, Wi-Fi connected DoorbellCam comes with Full-HD video, 130° wide-angle view, motion detection, real-time notifications and push-to-talk function. With these helpful features, users can see exactly what’s happening on their doorstep and answer the door, even when they’re not there.

The device pairs with HomeControl2.0 to deliver instant notification when someone is at the door; and with its inbuilt mic and speaker, welcoming visitors and directing deliveries has never been easier.

“The DoorbellCam works for everyone, no matter the property or door. With no wires, it’s easy to install and doesn’t require a Pyronix security system to work,” Laurence said.

Installation is also hugely flexible, as there’s no need for a 240VAC supply and all fixtures and fittings are included with the product, so it can be installed wherever it’s preferred. It also features fast pairing with the DoorbellChime, operating through its own RF channel. 

Over 3000 minutes of attention-catching videos and captured photos can be saved, played back and examined with an inserted 32GB SD card, so users will never miss a thing.

Like the SmartPlug, the DoorbellCam can be integrated with other Pyronix smart home products to deliver a complete solution that makes life safer and easier for users. For example, scenes and automations can be set up to automatically switch a light on if the doorbell is pressed at night, making it safer for your customers to reach the door. 

Laurence said: “It’s a really exciting time for Pyronix at the moment as we advance in the IoT security market and continue to develop our smart home security range. We remain committed to pushing technology boundaries to deliver complete solutions that work for our installers and users.”

HomeControl2.0 is available on both Android and iOS platforms and downloadable via the Play Store or Apple App Store, connecting to Pyronix systems through the PyronixCloud infrastructure.