Winter security tips for your CCTV system

Monday 19 December 2022 -

Winter security tips for your CCTV system with Professional Surveillance Management.

As the days get shorter, and the nights turn colder, it’s important to make sure you prepare your CCTV system for autumn and winter. The elements can wreak havoc on your outdoor surveillance cameras, so we’ve compiled a handy checklist of winter security tips to keep your commercial property secure.

How does unruly weather hamper CCTV performance?

  • By triggering false alarms

Windy weather can activate your camera’s motion sensors, and the more false alarms your system generates, the less secure it becomes.

  • By obscuring your camera’s vision

Fallen leaves, loose debris or litter, and even spider webs can obstruct camera views, creating blind spots in your monitoring system.

  • By compromising the quality of your live feed

Sleet, snow and ice can impact the visibility of your camera lenses and reduce footage clarity.

Faults and false alarms are the biggest threats to remote monitoring. They essentially reduce how effective your system is at capturing intruders and leave your site vulnerable. Although you can’t control harsh weather conditions, there are a few simple precautions you can take to prepare for them.

  • Secure your perimeter

Repair any gaps in fencing caused by storms to keep out unwanted trespassers.

  • Clear obstructions and blind spots

Trim overgrown foliage and keep your system pest-free to avoid cobwebs.

  • Conduct a little property maintenance

Remove any debris that has built up on-site and clean your camera lenses regularly.

  • Check camera functionality and lighting

Make sure your lights are working; it’s important your site is illuminated adequately so our operators can see clearly.

  • Communicate changes to winter or holiday schedules

Let us know your occupancy times so we have up-to-date knowledge of your operations and who has access to your site.

By following these tips, you can make sure your security systems are performing at maximum efficiency, so that our operators can always identify an incident when it happens and respond immediately.

What is PSM doing to improve efficiency?

Our game-changing alarm filtering technology, PSM Traces AI, uses innovative Artificial Intelligence to reduce false alarms. Designed in-house, it’s a video analytic platform that detects people and vehicles, filtering false alarms caused by wildlife, foliage, and seasonal conditions. This means our operators deal with only genuine threats.

If your system generates excessive false alarms, get in touch with Kerry Jones to discuss your problematic cameras and detectors.

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