Advanced Perimeter Systems get 'good vibrations' from clients with their Flexiguard System

Tuesday 28 February 2023 -

Vibration, We're talking about good vibrations…

No, not the 1966 song by the Beach Boys but like them, Flexiguard is picking up good vibrations. At Advanced Perimeter Systems we often have customers come to us and ask for an elegant, unobtrusive solution to monitor their perimeter and we have just that. Our discreet Flexiguard system can monitor the perimeter of your premises 24/7 and will not cost a fortune or turn a blind eye.

The Flexiguard analyser works with our very own acoustic sensor cable to generate an alarm when a vibration is detected from interference. Flexiguard is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of different scenarios and situations depending on your security needs. 

Common places you will find the system are warehouses, perimeter fences, rooftops, skylights and more. There is even a Flexiguard intrinsically safe version for hazardous areas.

Flexiguard can be integrated with existing third-party security measures for defence in depth. Often linked in with CCTV, alarm panels, lights, and sounders. CCTV can have blind spots, with Flexiguard the whole perimeter can be protected and can be used to direct CCTV cameras in the direction of attack.

You can rest assured knowing Flexiguard is protecting what matters to you, one of the most recognised places you will find out Flexiguard protecting is the Pyramids in Egypt where we have 17km of Flexiguard protecting critical areas.

We have recently been making some new videos for our YouTube channel, including one on Flexiguard.

If you would like any further information or a quote, contact APS today.