Texecom achieve cybersecurity accreditation from the BSIA

Friday 31 March 2023 -

Texecom are pleased to confirm their Digital Services platforms have received Cybersecurity Product Assurance Group (CySPAG) accreditation from the BSIA.

Set up in 2017, the Cybersecurity Product Assurance Group (CySPAG) is an action group that is operated by the BSIA to tackle cybersecurity in the professional security industry with the objective of ensuring best in class digital security products enter the market.

Following a strict assessment procedure to meet a set level of criteria, Texecom Cloud Services, Texecom Connect (application), Texecom Monitor and Texecom Smartcom all successfully received the CySPAG accreditation which is valid for 12-months before being re-tested to the latest cyber requirements.

Covering all aspects of cybersecurity, the assessment follows a secure development lifecycle and as a result cybersecurity features are considered and tested alongside other product functions throughout the product development process.  This reduces the number and severity of any potential security flaws in the product prior to it entering the market.

Cybersecurity best practice processes are also assessed including ensuring all default passwords are fully unique and multifactor authentication is used ensuring the number of potential attack surfaces are minimised.

Further requirements of the CySPAG accreditation required Texecom to successfully demonstrate effective & efficient communication policies for security updates along with a proactive vulnerability disclosure policy allowing customers to report any unlikely security vulnerabilities they may encounter.

Steve Lampett, Technical Manager, BSIA, said: “We are delighted that Texecom has joined the CySPAG registration scheme. By registering on the platform, it sends out a message of confidence throughout the supply chain that cybersecurity has been addressed not only at a product level during the design and manufacturing process, but also includes the ongoing support to ensure the installed product maintains its resilience to cyber-attack.”

Alex Toohie, Compliance Manager, Texecom, said: “Our Texecom digital services platforms provide a large number of benefits to both professional security installers and their end-user customers. Receiving this accreditation not only underpins our focus on cybersecurity across all of these platforms, but also provides peace of mind to our users as we strive to constantly improve the performance and security of our digital services.”

Find out more about the CySPAG today by visiting the scheme website.