GJD Manufacturing release Elite for cost-effective wired external detection

Wednesday 05 July 2023 -

Introducing the GJD Elite for cost-effective wired external detection 
The Elite in white (GJD023) offers reliable and cost-effective intruder detection solutions. With its adjustable detection range from 0 to 35 meters, and a coverage of up to 750 square meters, the GJD023 is a valuable addition to any security project, from residential setups to high-end alarm monitoring.
The Elite is the trusted option for confirmed alarm detection, effectively reducing unwanted alarms. Its seamless integration capabilities with CCTV, lighting, and intruder systems make it a must have product for ensuring comprehensive security and external protection.
With 40 years of experience in the perimeter protection market, GJD is renowned for delivering supreme technology, and products that have earned the trust of countless security installers and specifiers.

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