Unlocking business opportunities by partnering with Alarm.com

Monday 16 October 2023 -

Alarm.com is the leading solution for connected security, proudly adhering to British and EU standards compliance. The Alarm.com platform enables seamless management and control of properties from any location, with millions of residential and commercial users worldwide who rely on it. Features include security, video surveillance, access control, smart automation, and energy management under a single, unified control system. These capabilities give partners many avenues to increase revenue and serve new customers.

Alarm.com's innovations in the security and automation industries are nothing new. With over two decades of experience and operations in more than 60 countries, Alarm.com has changed the global security space and solidified itself as a leader in the field. Throughout this time, Alarm.com has been consistently ahead of the curve, innovating early and offering state-of-the-art solutions that set industry standards. It has also maintained a commitment to partner success and, as a result, is trusted by the largest security companies in the world. By partnering with Alarm.com, your business gains a platform that delivers long-term success, increased profits, and the cutting-edge products customer's demand.

The power of recurring monthly revenue

Successful businesses earn long-term customers. Unlike other solutions that focus on making one lifetime transaction, Alarm.com focuses on creating loyal customers. With a proven subscription model and long customer life cycles, Alarm.com partners benefit from a continuous inflow of monthly revenue. 

Reliable earnings lead to reliable growth.

Explore endless possibilities through a variety of offerings and innovation Nobody wants to put all their eggs in one basket. Alarm.com partners benefit from an extensive selection of proprietary products and services, plus seamless compatibility with a wide variety of thirdparty manufacturers. Partners can offer a broad product portfolio that captures different types of new customers while providing multiple upgrade paths for existing ones. Expand your offerings across security, automation, and utility management.

Customer loyalty through valuable experiences

Whether monitoring security, controlling lighting, or adjusting smart thermostats, Alarm.com brings convenience to its end users. Everything is managed from a single, user-friendly app. This app adapts as a system grows and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to ensure the holistic system functions seamlessly and follows common sense rules. For example, users can receive alerts when doors are opened at odd hours or get prompts to remotely close the garage door after exiting their home radius. The Alarm.com system works with the user and becomes a source of peace of mind in their daily routines. With Alarm.com, nurturing long-lasting customers through exceptional experience is the key to predictive income and growth.

Ensure your company’s success

Alarm.com relies on the success of its partners. Partnership guarantees businesses a commitment that goes above and beyond products and features. Alarm.com provides businesses with tailored marketing materials, sales and technician tools, and a wealth of knowledge that brings stable operations, new customers, and overall success.

As the world increasingly embraces smart technology, Alarm.com continues shaping how people secure their homes and businesses. The company's dedication to partner success, innovation, and customer satisfaction makes it a beacon of reliability. Joining Alarm.com's service provider network opens doors to immediate and long-term business opportunities and gives you a partner that is constantly innovating and finding new ways to help you compete.

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