The ATA Carnet Going Green: Boomerang Carnets sustainability

Monday 08 January 2024 -

Global demand for security equipment and services creates opportunity for international business growth and the ATA Carnet can help.  As a new member of BSIA, boomerang carnets® UK extends an invitation to take advantage of these opportunities with the use of an ATA Carnet.  The ATA Carnet is an internationally accepted customs document. It is a known flexible trade tool that allows temporary export of goods and merchandise while avoiding payment of import-duty and -tax on those goods at Customs.  ATA Carnets are valid for up to a year allowing multiple trips into multiple countries.  Demonstrating goods, exhibiting merchandise, and making connections at international trade shows can give you the advantage to securing contracts and grow sales.    

The eATA Carnet is Coming  

The ATA Carnet, currently a paper customs document, is undergoing the transition to becoming digitized. Boomerang carnets UK, and our partner, The Liverpool Chamber of Commerce (LCC) are ready for the digital eATA Carnet.  Presently, ATA Carnets are issued by LCC’s ATA Carnet Specialist exclusively as a paper document.  

One of the latest developments in the ATA Carnet is the news of a completed digital carnet journey from the U.K. to the EU and back, an exciting event in the evolution of the eATA Carnet and something that will modernize the ATA Carnet over time. The digital Carnet will be accessed and carried via an App on your phone. During a period of transition, there will be a temporary union of the paper Carnet document and the digital version. Both will be carried simultaneously by the Carnet user or their representative. 

Though the digital eATA Carnet will come with a learning curve and period of adjustment, it will streamline clearing customs even faster than the current paper document does today.  Clearing customs expediently with your goods at borders with an ATA Carnet is one of its greatest benefits.  Curt E.H. Wilson, Managing Director, boomerang Carnets UK commented, “The eATA Carnet will make the ATA Carnet process even more beneficial than it already is for temporary exports."

If you are thinking of taking advantage of opportunities in other countries with your goods and services or require assistance with your temporary export needs, contact us.  To learn more about the benefits of ATA Carnets visit or call 0808 189 3400.