BT Redcare: latest statement from the BSIA

Friday 09 February 2024 -

Following the recent announcement by BT Redcare giving notice of withdrawal of service, we have collated the following information to provide to our members and those potential impacted. This information will hopefully answer the questions that have been raised.

All installed BT Redcare connections must be replaced with alternative providers before the 1 August 2025, as per the company’s announcement on 1 February 2024. 

This understandably raises significant concerns within the UK security industry, particularly among Installers, Police, Inspectorates, Insurers and Alarm Receiving Centres (ARCs).

To clarify some initial misconceptions, we believe it is important to address some misinformation appearing within the security industry and amongst mainstream media. 

Contrary to some claims on the number of BT Redcare connections, and after consulting directly with BT and the BSIA ARC Section Members, we've estimated approximately 120,000 live systems need to be upgraded before operations cease on 1 August 2025. 

It is estimated that 90,000 of these systems are legacy products, reliant on PSTN, meaning they would have needed to be upgraded by the end of December 2025 anyway, if not before as part of the All IP Network migration. BT Redcare’s Next Generation IP/Radio products have an estimated 30,000 installed devices. 

For those systems that are specified by insurers to meet a particular grade, it is crucial to avoid any downgrades or changes in signalling methods that could compromise the system's ability to send a signal reliably and promptly to the alarm receiving centre. 

We will keep you updated on further developments as and when it is appropriate.