Securitas celebrates 90 years in the security industry

Tuesday 28 May 2024 -

Putting the safety and security of people at the centre of everything they do, Securitas are celebrating their 90 year hertiage by looking through historical moments and pivotal memories.

Established in Helsingborg, Sweden, in 1934, Securitas have evolved from a traditional night guard operation into a security worldwide leader; laying foundations within the industry through client relationship management, expansion and integrating technology solutions, even as far back as during the Second World War.

WIth their values, including integrity, helpfulness and vigilance, founder Erik Philip-Sörensen vowed to protect the secuirty industry and ensured Securitas always worked to follow these standards. From this, the brand's purpose and values have truly transcended the test of time, still being pivotal to their growth to this day.

The BSIA would like to congratulate Securitas on 90 successful years. To find out more about their remarkable history, visit their website: